Project Manager

Linda is the ’Generalist Specialist’ in a variety of sectors most notably Agriculture, Water and Waste at senior level, predominantly in water policy combined with a practical operational working knowledge of water utilities. Linda has worked successfully at Commonwealth, State and local level on a variety of projects, most notably the Murray Darling Basin Commission, COAG Reform and the Victorian State Government $2.2 Billion Foodbowl Project (NVIRP).

Whilst at Murray Darling Basin Commission advised Ministers to enter the water market, instrumental in establishing the pilot purchase scheme prior to establishment of Murray Darling Basin Authority and evolution of water markets. Working with the Commonwealth Department oversaw establishment of COAG Environment and Water Ministers (WTOG) Secretariat, continued the water reform National Water Initiative progression as well as the National Water Commission Amendment Bill and subsequent appointments. Linda has also been the Assistant Director and Stakeholder Manager for NVIRP, notably providing support for Ministerial recommendations and submission of successive Business Cases .

As CEO of a Waste and Resource Recovery Group developed and implemented a ten year plan for waste diversion and reengineered resources.

Working most recently in Agriculture with a particular focus on export markets, animal health and Biosecurity and quality assurance systems.

Linda is an experienced effective communicator, with an ability to successfully engage stakeholders with empathy ensuring a collaborative focus to achieve agreed outcomes.