Modern engagement professionals

Community relations has become increasingly professionalised as an activity; and engagement professionals have realised the true value that can be added by working outside the constraints of engineering and other professional paradigms.
The people who are keen to discern change needs and achieve better outcomes are generally innovators - the type of people we have working at KJA. Staff at KJA work in multi-disciplinary teams; engage face-to-face with people involved in the community and at the project coalface; and translate their insights into actions for outcomes. Identifying a problem is not enough. Solving the problem is what’s required, and at KJA the team are all able to appropriate complex content to deliver solutions. 

The cornerstone of successful engagement is the ability to innovate, with the right people to deliver the innovation solution.

 Fig 1 - The modern engagement practitioner is multi-dimensional

 Fig 1 - The modern engagement practitioner is multi-dimensional

This means the skill set we cultivate in our people crosses analysis, management and creativity – core competencies that are delivered by education and experience from classical, technical and vocational backgrounds. 

Our expertise is largely derived from our diversity. Drawing people from a range of disciplines and overlaying a commitment to help them deliver their best results in powerful outcomes for our clients and for the community. 

That’s the heart of our business.