Almost from the moment Kathy announced the purchase of KJA by ERM, the Melbourne teams of both the companies have been looking for opportunities to leverage the other's expertise.

The enthusiasm with which both teams embraced the merger was evident in the first large meet-n-greet in the ERM kitchen (Melbourne) one Friday night. Everyone was eager to discuss each other’s projects and find the synergies. That evening, I spoke with a dazzling number of ERM people about water mining, ground contamination, rail bridges, battery installations and power plant closures. If the conversations I was having were multiplied around the room, everyone was searching for the opportunities. And it didn’t take long…

Within weeks of Kathy’s announcement, we were cruising down the M1 towards Morwell to meet the Hazelwood management team. A week later, I returned to help facilitate a risk workshop on the cooling pond that used to service the power plant.

And the opportunities have continued to flow in with opportunities to work on wind farms, solar farms, planning projects and contamination projects.

In Melbourne, while we know that there are many technical and organisational complexities to the integration of our businesses, building the personal and professional relationships is paving the way forward for both teams. The close proximity of the KJA and ERM offices is helping build strong a relationship between the two teams. We’re wearing a path between the offices and working together to develop proposals.

KJA is a relationship-driven organisation. It’s what we do and where we thrive. Each day we connect, realising more synergies.