Paula Lawrence, Program Director

As we move towards the NSW and Federal elections, we expect to see a slowing of Government contracts as Departments consider their forward work in the event of a returning Government, or a new Government, with flow-on effects for the private sector.

But, having worked with clients in the lead up to the recent Victorian election, Paula Lawrence, Program Director, Melbourne, says it’s a time that can be used to advantage.

In the lead up to the Victorian election, in November 2018, the Melbourne KJA team observed the slowing of Government projects and subsequent caution from private sector companies which, in many instances, were waiting on the outcome of the election to commit to major investment. This holding pattern led to some delays post-election as projects ramped up again and others started.

However, the lead up to an election is a perfect time to complete the strategic work necessary to prepare for any election outcome. It’s a period to pause and reflect; to work up new ideas, gather teams in facilitated workshops and drive a shared vision and commitment across the management. Put simply, it is the ideal time for Government departments and the private sector to strengthen their teams and prepare the best strategies for all possible scenarios.

At KJA, we are highly experienced in working collaboratively with clients to help them understand and respond to changing socio-economic and political landscapes; to develop new ideas and vision statements, train teams, gain consensus around ideas and recast organisational culture. In short, we excel at working with clients to complete the strategic work necessary to position them for success in shifting environments.