At the end of December 2017 KJA lost one of our dearest colleagues and friends.


You may have seen our previous blog post “Vale Toni Rankin”. Toni passed away after being diagnosed with leukaemia (blood cancer), and is greatly missed by her loving husband and two sons, friends, family, and colleagues and all who knew and loved her.

Her son, Kieran is now raising money for the Leukaemia Foundation to honour his mother’s memory, and we would like to share his words with you.  


"This year I will be taking part in the 20th anniversary of the World's Greatest Shave. I will be shaving my head on the 22nd of March at school. All donations will be going to the Leukaemia Foundation. As I lost my mum after being diagnosed with blood cancer this cause is very close to me and to see what Leukaemia can do to a person first hand we need all the money we can get to further research in all types of blood cancers, all that is raised will help no matter the amount. Let's all try and beat blood cancer today and please sponsor me.” - Kieran


The Leukaemia Foundation was formed in 1975 in Queensland. At the time there was very little support for those diagnosed with leukaemia and their families. Patients were isolated from their families due to the risk of infection, and medical facilities were under-resourced.


Dr Trevor Olsen, Brisbane’s first clinical haematologist founded The Leukaemia Foundation with four main goals in mind:

·         To provide medical care

·         To provide patient support

·         To fund research into leukaemia

·         To educate patients, their families and nursing staff.

The Leukaemia Foundation now operates across QLD, NSW, SA, TAS, VIC and WA and is dedicated to helping those with blood cancer survive and then live a better quality of life. They invest millions of dollars into research for treatments and possible cures.

I think you’ll agree a worthy cause. If you do wish to give to Kieran’s fundraising page please click HERE.

Many thanks, everyone at KJA