60 Seconds with KJA' s Scott Newton

What do you do at KJA? 
I’m a Project Manager at KJA. I’ve done a wide range of work on many different types of projects in my time here. Everything from helping Sydney Trains develop its 5yr Communications Strategy; to reporting on state-wide palliative care engagement for NSW Health; to facilitating advisory group meetings on a new Arts Centre for Northern Beaches Council; and much, much more.

How long have you been with KJA? 
A little over two years.

What is your favourite thing about working at KJA? 
I love the cycle here that promotes serious personal growth: You pitch in to help your colleagues. You face some challenges in delivering best outcomes. You pick up skills while overcoming these challenges. You’re recognised for your new skills and given opportunities to continue applying them.

What is the most memorable project or event you have worked on at KJA? 
One of our Project Directors, Deb Cameron, is an idol of mine. Often when I’m facilitating a session I’ll think ‘What would Deb do?’ and I’ll hear her voice like Obi Wan in A New Hope. The best I’ve seen her work was in the Wollondilly Shire Council, where she helped a room full of angry poultry farmers and residents find a common ground and agree to become good neighbours. 

If you were NSW Premier for the day, what policy change would you make?
I would reintroduce the ban on greyhound racing.

What is your favourite thing about living in Sydney?
I love living amongst the mayhem but being only a short trip from white, sandy, open beaches!