Staff training opportunity 

Workshops on community engagement 

  • Tailored in-house training workshops for State government departments
  • Bring together community engagement teams and other staff
  • Latest developments in the field and practice of community engagement 
  • Focus on participant practice and future plans - what works and what doesn't

Engagement challenges at a State level
State governments face a double challenge: although public budgets are becoming tighter, services still need to be delivered effectively and professionally. At the same time communities are expecting more. Citizens want to be engaged in a meaningful and sophisticated way. People want to be listened to, and if they are ignored, they find their own ways to be heard. 
This is why new forms of community engagement have become increasingly important. Today, well-informed citizens want to collaborate in the transformation of their country, their cities and their neighbourhoods. 

But which method to choose?
The good news is that there is an array of methods that can be used. Australia has always been at the forefront in the creation and delivery of cutting-edge engagement. However, sophisticated approaches such as Citizens’ Juries need to be understood in order to be commissioned by government, and this requires knowledgeable and confident Community Engagement teams, as well as other departmental staff and finally the Minister. 

Our bespoke in-house training workshops – benefits to you
Our workshops provide a learning environment for departmental staff to come together and reflect on the latest community engagement techniques. Whereas social media and online engagement tools have become an undisputed necessity, most people still have a strong desire for face-to-face events. There are many innovative and exciting ways to achieve meaningful engagement at the State level.

KJA and Deliberative Designs are pleased to present two internationally-renowned practitioners to deliver a series of in-house training workshops tailored for State government.

The workshops of Lyn Carson and Dominik Hierlemann are hands-on and offer practical advice. They will help you to be up to date with the latest engagement methods and, ultimately, to better engage with communities using robust methods that have proven success.

Tailored in-house workshop options
The half-day workshop for 10-50 participants will be designed to suit your needs, focused on innovative methods such as Citizens’ Juries or diagnosing an engagement solution to a complex engagement challenge. The independent experts are familiar with the latest innovations in Australia and overseas.

Further information and to book

Please contact Natalie Boyd, Program Director at KJA on 02 9955 5040 for further details on the workshops and how they can be tailored for you. 
To make a booking, call or email the team at KJA by clicking the button below.