A tunnel under North Sydney and trams once again running along Military Road!


These are just two of the more creative suggestions that came out of recent community traffic and parking workshops held by North Sydney Council.


On Council's behalf, KJA are facilitating a total of nine stakeholder workshops as part of a broad engagement strategy that also includes a survey. The workshops provide an opportunity for community members to work together to identify and describe the locate the biggest issues preventing smooth movement around the area, and to the city – from hazardous street signs and lights, to traffic congestion and pedestrian access.


The information collected during the workshops will be used by North Sydney Council to provide community input into three important strategies being developed by Council – transport, traffic and parking.


Around 35-45 community members are attending each workshop. The lively discussions, facilitated by KJA Project Director, Deb Cameron, and Senior Project Manager, Naomi Rowe, gave community members the chance to offer their unique local knowledge to North Sydney Council.


While it’s not unusual for members of the public to be passionate and vocal about parking and transport, what has been unexpected at these meetings so far is the positive energy and willingness to contribute, along with a healthy dose of laughter and enjoyment.


By working collaboratively with the community, Council has the opportunity to identify real and impactful risks and issues, and in turn, address them.