There is no question that Sydney is currently in the midst of a construction boom with the latest news from the Property Council of Australia reporting that 228 cranes can be spotted across our skyline. This places Sydney second only to Dubai in crane usage.


In a built-up environment like Sydney, making way for new towers, housing estates, community and cultural facilities usually requires some form of demolition. To proceed smoothly, these projects also require an experienced demolition communications team and tailored strategy.


KJA’s Senior Project Manager, Moira Sharp, is a specialist in managing community engagement during the construction process – starting with the demolition phase!


“The demolition of a building is often a highly contentious phase of any development, requiring specialist communications to ensure each building block is removed with minimal disruption,” says Moira.


“Unfortunately, what is sometimes overlooked during demolition, is that this phase also presents an opportunity to fully engage with the public about how the new development and its design elements will bring benefits to the community.”


The demolition phase of a development presents a unique opportunity to activate meaningful engagement with the broader community and generate excitement about the evolution of Sydney’s ever-changing landscape.


Ultimately, what this means is that having a demolition communications strategy will help minimise, or eradicate, complaints, and assist in establishing positive relationships with the communities and stakeholders around these significant projects.


Moira recommends three key elements for successful engagement when it comes to demolition communications:

1. Proactive communications
2. Providing an opportunity for input from stakeholders; and
3. Providing adequate phone access for stakeholders – a 24/7 dedicated phone number is very important during the demolition phase, as well as at key times when impact on stakeholders is likely to be high.


Moira’s communications approach for the removal of the Sydney Monorail, and then for a number of subsequent demolition projects in the CBD, involved creating transparent, proactive and consistent engagement with neighbours, businesses, and the broader community. Each project was unique, with a tailored demolition communications solution designed to see the project through to a successful, and timely, completion.


For information about how KJA can assist with communications and stakeholder management for your demolition project, contact Natalie Boyd, KJA Practice Director on (02) 9955 5040.