Speaking note summary – UDIA NSW Smart Cities

The following summarises the closing notes from Kathy Jones, Executive Chair of KJA at the UDIA NSW Smart Cities – Industry Briefing, which took place in Sydney on 18 October 2016 

Today we heard from speakers Agneta Persson, Lauren Isaac, Caillin Howard and Michelle Cramer who provided some inspiring conversation on Sydney and the smart city it can be. 
In the initial discussion about the connectivity tool, the following points really resonated with me:

  • The growth of a city is based on being smart in a 21st century sense and this is about connectivity.
  • We need to connect differently by using a framework which is not constrained by conscious or unconscious bias.
  • Growth in technology means the under 30s default position is to seek live data and no longer use or at least rely on analogue memory.
  • The near future is about using data based machine learning, not accepted truths.

Our panel discussion explored the international experiences of the sharing economy. There are many lessons in here for KJA’s engagement work but I think more broadly there are lessons for all businesses operating in today’s cities:  

  • We need to acknowledge that what we know is only about today and the past. The future is an adventure.
  • Sharing needs to play an integral role in co-creation and partnerships across stakeholder groups to develop new regulations, policies, technologies. 
  • Good decision making is about data not scale. 
  • We can no longer be individual islands in our cities – we need more human places.

In summary, today’s conversations were about who we are, and what we need to value now and into the future.   

KJA would like to thank the UDIA for the opportunity to be a part of this vital conversation and the important contribution made to our thinking by Caillin, Michelle, Lauren and Agneta.

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