Our business


Aboriginal Maternal and Infant Health Strategy  |  Cancer Institute  |  Maitland and Hunter Hospitals  |  Northern Beaches Hospital  |  NSW Health Infrastructure  |  NSW Mental Health Commission  |  St Vincent’s and Mater Health  |  Westmead Hospital


  • Accurate stakeholder information
  • Information updates aligned with project milestones
  • Innovative, targeted communication collateral
  • Stakeholder research
  • Media interest
  • Community and stakeholder speculation 


  • Communication and engagement strategies and frameworks
  • Stakeholder workshops and information sessions
  • Information alignment with project milestones
  • Key message development 
  • 1800 number complaints management
  • Issues identification 
  • Stakeholder analysis and management
  • Contractor and staff training
  • Processes and protocols
  • Regular reporting

If you have a health project that requires communication, community engagement or issues management assistance, please contact us for an initial discussion or for a quote.