Our services


We are engagement specialists. We develop innovative, exciting and engaging strategies that bring you closer to your stakeholders. 


Whether you need to engage community or industry stakeholders, staff or vocal opponents, we provide tailored engagement solutions to suit your needs. We know that effective stakeholder engagement makes good business sense. Engage early, with the right tools and platforms, and you create opportunities to build lasting, positive relationships with your stakeholders. 


Our engagement tools include large-scale community events and forums; online surveys and websites; deliberative discussions; ‘walk-shops’; media and social media campaigns; door knocking and letterbox drops. We also host 1800 toll free numbers to provide stakeholders with opportunities for confidential, one-on-one conversations.


We have delivered over 200 community and stakeholder workshops and surveyed thousands of people across Australia.


We can connect you with your audience.

“KJA provided stakeholder engagement and community consultation for the Sydney monorail removal project. KJA’s fantastic team was invaluable in managing stakeholder expectations for the project, so much so that we received only a handful of complaints during removal, an unprecedented result for such a high profile project. The team was always willing to assist and go the extra mile, particularly around meeting with stakeholders. Thanks to the KJA team’s commitment to the project, their great attitude and flexibility, the monorail removal project was seamlessly delivered without any delays.” 

David Riddell, Principal, Aver