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161 Sussex Street  |  Barangaroo Delivery Authority  |  Chatswood Transport Interchange  |  Homebush Bay Bridge  |  Northwest Rail Link  |  University of Sydney Abercrombie Precinct



  • Reduced amenity and access
  • Commercial impacts
  • Heritage and Indigenous concerns
  • Issues escalation
  • Media interest
  • Contractor / client internal communication
  • Relationship management over extended timeframes
  • Impacts of neighbourhood changes and community perceptions


  • Guiding communication and engagement framework
  • Timely stakeholder and community notifications
  • In-house community and stakeholder contact point
  • 1800 number complaints management
  • Project Control Group reporting
  • Proactive key messages
  • Construction milestone and launch events
  • Community Reference Group management
  • Relocation management
  • Drop-in sessions/Information briefings
  • Project team inductions
  • Issues analysis
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Stakeholder and community facilitation 
  • Collateral and website development
  • Digital and traditional communication
  • Processes and protocols
  • Regular reporting

If you have a construction or development project that requires communication, community engagement or issues management assistance, please contact us for an initial discussion or for a quote.