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Change management

As an operating environment changes, so must an organisation. With increasingly rapid cycles of change, it often feels for those experiencing it, that there is no end in sight. Whether the change involves a relocation, new business processes or IT system, an organisational restructure or a new chief executive, it will elicit a range of emotions and responses among stakeholders. Developing an effective plan that anticipates the issues to deliver a program that maximises stakeholder buy-in and support, requires a tailored approach that considers language, tone, message delivery and engagement. 

Our team consults with organisational leaders, management, project directors and other key staff, through face-to-face meetings and workshops to understand the potential strategic and operational impacts that may emerge at key stages of a change process. Using this information, we develop a tailored change management framework aligned to key project milestones.

Our work in change management communication and engagement varies from helping local Councils communicate and implement special rate variations through to helping organisations improve their internal and external stakeholder engagement models.

We make it our goal to help you achieve yours.